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Vision Strategy Planning

Corporate Vision is seeing and understanding the future markets for the company and the company’s position in those markets.

All CEO’s have a Vision for their company.  What is important is how thorough that Vision is, how well vetted it is, and how well it is articulated to those who need to know and understand it to make it a reality.  The Vision should be the central focus of every department and employee in the company.  It should be the measuring stick against which all decisions are made.  Vision includes a thorough and honest assessment of where the company is today and a clearly defined view of the company at a specific time in the future.  In addition, the Vision needs to be understood by shareholders/owners, key vendors, and key customers.

Strategy is the course and direction needed to attain the Vision.  It is the roadmap along which the company moves.   Strategy is more than numbers on an Excel spreadsheet.  It defines the initiatives and elements that the company must undertake to achieve the Vision and the priority each must have along the way.  It provides clear direction to each department as well as identifies the weaknesses.  A clear Strategy motivates employees by allowing them to be a part of making the company better and being comfortable in understanding how they fit into the company as a whole.

Planning is the taking of the strategic initiatives and determining the steps needed to accomplish them.  It is much more granular and detailed.  Planning is more than an offsite or regular meeting; it is a mindset.  It is anticipating and predicting outcomes to minimize risks and setbacks.  Planning is running the business, not the business running you.

H&A helps you develop a Vision/Strategy/Planning model that will work for your company.  We do not take a cookie cutter approach and force your company into predesigned spreadsheets.  A planning process will only be of value to you if it fits your organization and your management team.  You need to own it and live it.  You cannot do it once and put it in a binder on the shelf.

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