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Strategic Business Operations

Companies accomplish their goals and targets through operations that are effective and efficient.  They have the processes and controls in place to move from concept to cash without disruption.  H&A has the resources and expertise to help you manage the whole company incorporating quality into the fabric of the organization.

H&A has the tools to help you build, refine, and implement a plan to achieve operational excellence.  H&A can help you determine how, when, and where to deploy capital to maximize efficiency.  H&A also helps you assess whether a specific function is key to the success of your organization or would you be better served by outsourcing that function to someone who can better supply the service.  The results are reduced costs of delivering the product and a workforce that is motivated and ready to reach new levels of performance.

Key to this excellence is the ability to have available to you the information necessary for you to preemptively make decisions to insure the operational excellence that you have strived so hard to achieve. H&A helps you identify, collect, and analyze the key performance indicators necessary to make these decisions.

H&A uses its proven, proprietary Business Success Drivers © which serve as a guide for achieving and measuring success.

    •  Always operate toward the achievement of your Plan.
    • At all times, know where the Market your company serves is, where it has been and where it is going.
    • Intimately understand your clients/customers and never unconsciously lose a Client/Customor.
    • Know and concentrate on reducing the length and cost of the Sales cycle.
    • Maintain a constant and universal focus on Cost reductions
    • Make available the Information you need, when you need it.
    • Manage aggressively the public’s Perception of who and what the Company is.
    • Maintain a consistent and untiring focus on Employee morale and motivation.
    • Assure that Quality is embedded into the fabric of the organization
    • When in doubt Integrate, Declare or Decide – now, now, now.


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