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Small Business Advisory

You have launched your company and have great traction – now what are the next best steps to sustain your business?   Growth provides many new challenges that may require additional expertise to make the best decisions.  How can I build the necessary processes to allow my company to continue to grow profitably freeing me up to be the leader I need to be?  In what areas of the business do I need to continue to be involved?  What do I delegate and to whom?  How do I tell if my staff is able to handle additional responsibility?  How do I put controls in place to tell me what I need to know before it causes a catastrophe?  Making the decisions around hiring additional staff, acquiring additional capital, or adding space can make or break your business.

H&A has developed a Small Business Advisory Program that can be scaled to where your company is today that will guide you through the maze leading to continued success and profitable growth.  Whether it be organization, growth, or structural changes, we can provide the resources and expertise to support your efforts.

The H&A partners have started, grown and extended the life of successful companies. We have paid the company bills on our credit card and then sold products and services to pay the credit card bill. Our approach is always that it is your company – we are there to help you build it more profitably and growing at the “right” pace.






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