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Revenue Creation

This is not planting the proverbial “money tree” and hoping it will grow.  This is about opening new markets – geographic, vertical, and expanding existing customers.  Growing the top line is about more than just increasing the number of calls you make or the presentations that you send out.  It is about identifying prospects and markets where you can have long term success selling your products or services.  It is far more productive to spend your time and efforts developing profitable customers/clients that align with your strategy for growth than it is to keep selling one off deals that require a high cost of acquisition.

H&A helps you analyze your current customer base to determine if you are maximizing your selling efforts in your current markets and channels.  Are you reaching every potential buyer in your current customers?  Have you uncovered every need they have or have you just picked the low hanging fruit?  Have you overcome every obstacle that keeps them from buying more from you?  We have the tools and expertise to help you maximize each client and to identify those clients that are not really worth the time and effort you are expending on them let alone whether they are profitable or not.

 H&A can also help you to identify and penetrate new markets and channels.  Are there potential markets for your products/services that you have not identified?  Are there potential markets that you have identified but have not been able to penetrate?  Have you considered additional geographical territories but hesitated to expand?  If you were to minimally change your product or add a new line would it open new business opportunities?  We have experience and successes in each of these areas to help you assess and if appropriate engage these new opportunities for growth.

H&A can also work with management to develop a long term growth focused sales team and not a team looking for the next commission check. 

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