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Mergers and Acquisitions

Merger and Acquisition (M&A) as a strategy for growth or an exit from a business is one of the core options available for every company. On the growth side, the evaluation always starts with a discussion of the potential returns, costs and opportunities of employing a buy-versus-build strategy. Likewise, on the sell side, M&A can offer a reasonable next step or liquidity option for a business and its owners. Every economic environment brings new possibilities for buyouts, consolidation and adjustments to market capacity.

Let’s face it, on paper M&A as a strategy is incredibly appealing and offers enormous potential. However, making an M&A strategy work on both the buy and sell side is where many companies fail and most management teams underestimate the risks. Strategic flaws, over-aggressive estimates, egos, poor due diligence, over-simplistic processes and lack of effective business integration are often referenced as root cause elements for transactions not realizing their potential. Running a successful business and engineering a successful acquisition strategy are two completely different disciplines.

The H&A team has extensive front line experience on evaluating the strategic fit of M&A. Our team has worked on many evaluations and completed more than 50 transactions. We help to evaluate the risks and potential rewards of employing M&A on both the buy and sell side. We ask the hard questions and force a realistic reckoning of the opportunities, challenges and process requirements. We utilize a number of tools and resources, but nothing replaces the firing line experience working from the initial contact to a fully integrated successful business.

The value of having H&A on your team to either sell or execute strategic acquisitions is significant. The cost of a failed transaction is enormous and far reaching. The energy investment and diversion of attention alone are extremely dilutive to a business. Completing effective due diligence efforts, beginning integration planning at the right time, negotiating complex agreements with significant legal and operational exposure are areas where we provide coaching, support or in the trenches assistance. We force you to recognize the reality of M&A and keep you disciplined to increase the probability of a successful transaction. We refer to this as understanding Merger Math (see the article on this subject in our registered users’ section).

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