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Executive Management Support and Coaching

Say it better, write it better, do it better.  The benefits of executive coaching to improve corporate communications skills start with evolving a well-rounded polished professional for any and all settings.  The evolution continues with enhanced skills at managing the “whole” company (market opportunities, deploying capital resources, incorporating quality into the fabric of the organization) and improved employee morale and motivation.  H&A works with executives and directors individually to assist them in becoming the leader they want or need to be.

Executive coaching is a one-on-one program designed with the executive to address any and all areas of desired improvement.  H&A works with executives at all levels, but in fact, many of our clients are well performing executives who have taken the initiative to become better at their leadership roles.

H&A addresses a number of areas in executive support and coaching:   

Leading versus Managing – There are times when you must lead and times when you must manage.  It is important to understand what each situation requires and to perform as needed.
Decision Making – Making intelligent informed decisions and presenting them to the team that creates commitment.   Are you collecting the right information to make a decision?  Can you make a decision or do you waffle hoping it decides itself?

Organization – Providing a well thought out plan that is communicated and understood by the team to provide effective and efficient operation to the achievement of the goals. 

Executive Presence - This is about your own personal and professional brand.  It is the way people look at you and react to you based on the way you look and the air that you present.  It determines the level of respect that you command in a room of colleagues and peers.  Your personal ethics emanate in this area.

Consequence Management – Benchmarks and roadmaps the expected level of performance you desire in your team.  It is how you assure that people do what they are accountable for.  Inspiring people to be the best they can be is a result of mastering this skill which in turn strengthens the bench behind you.

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