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Business Success Drivers©

If there is one thing that forms the foundation of H&A Consulting Partners, it is our Business Success Drivers©. To understand why it is such a key component of our business, we need to explain the genesis of this incredibly powerful tool.

Throughout the careers of the founders of H&A, we have always been diligent to aggressively explore and understand the reasons for our successes, and maybe more importantly, the reason for the challenges and shortcomings we experienced. Each of us in our own way meticulously maintained written records of things we and the companies we served did wrong. Yes, no sugar coating about it…just plain wrong. These experiences spanned more than sixty years in ever increasing roles with the companies we served. Understand, it is always easier and more gratifying to track the things we did well, but being painfully honest, the real growth potential lies in those areas where we fell short of our expectations. We sat down and collectively explored these learnings and from this painful and far reaching exploration, the Business Success Drivers© and H&A Consulting Partners were born.

The Business Success Drivers© are the ten principals that we know through years of first hand experience drive successful businesses, large and small. But this is not just a list of principles; it is a comprehensive modular implementation tool with nearly 900 component elements. Each of these components guides the user through an exhausting exploration of how to improve a business’s performance. We use this tool as the foundation of every project we undertake. It is through this tool that we “help your company succeed and grow."

Clearly this tool is the core of our business, but it is just one element in a suite of intellectual property tools that we use to provide unquestioned results for our clients. Through the integration of our passion, experience, intellectual property and our unwavering commitment to success, we bring consistent and measurable value.

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